The Best Dressed Men Of The Week

Who: Oliver Cheshire

Where: Omega Gala, Venice

You’d be forgiven for thinking that models can wear whatever. Sure, the margin for error is greater when you’re professionally good-looking, but the right outfit can steal the spotlight from the most handsome of mugs. Case in point: Oliver Cheshire’s look at Omega’s recent gala. An all-black outfit shouldn’t be this eye-catching but extra points are awarded for the glove-like fit and peak lapels sharper than Cheshire’s own jawline.

Oliver Cheshire dressed in a monochrome suit at an Omega event

Who: Jake Gyllenhaal

Where: Stronger Photocall, Rome

Not to be outdone by the local Italian talent, Jake Gyllenhaal opted for his own take on sprezzatura at a photocall for his latest film, Stronger. A windowpane checked suit has long been a foolproof way to give an outfit depth, while a neutral knit beneath provides a firm smart-casual anchor. When in Rome and all that.

Jake Gyllenhall in dressed-down tailoring at a Stronger photocall

Who: A$AP Rocky

Where: Los Angeles

A$AP Rocky, fresh off the back of an appearance on Skepta’s ‘Ghost Train’, dropped a look just as dope with his wardrobe. Long a menswear maverick of nineties style, the Harlem rapper flexed a zip-up sweatshirt with minimal branding, and continued the vibe with straight-leg skater jeans and Vans below.

A$AP Rocky dressed in a zip-up sweatshirt and black trousers

Who: Isaac Hindin-Miller

Where: New York

For anyone that deems professional Instagrammers – sorry, ‘influencers’ – to be irrelevant, take a look at Isaac Hindin-Miller. The street style sage melded two current (and tricky) trends in one look, letting classic camo lift all-white threads without it feeling too left-field. And it wasn’t even in front of a well-known Instabait landmark, either.

Isaac Hinin-Miller dressed in a white outfit with a camouflage jacket

Who: David Gandy

Where: Omega Gala, Venice

When black tie tiptoes on boring, as it so often does, make like David Gandy and wave the white flag. One of the world’s few male supermodels opted for a white dinner jacket that proved two things: 1) you can make a statement without falling foul of the dress code, and 2) you can do it without looking like a tap dancer from a Broadway show.

David Gandy wearing a white dinner jacket

Who: Mark Ronson

Where: Louis Vuitton Exhibition, New York

After peroxide locks and ludicrously wide trousers, Mark Ronson returns to the statement-making sweet spot (as in, catch people’s attention but don’t be a dick about it). In this instance, that means a petrol bomber jacket tempered by neutral staples below. No colour clashes, no novelty and – thankfully – no rockabilly.

Mark Ronson wearing a blue bomber jacket

Who: Aziz Ansari

Where: BAFTA Britannia Awards, Los Angeles

The self-declared Master Of None is actually quite the tailoring guru. Aziz Ansari, better known for dry anecdotal comedy, dropped a welcome spin on black tie, switching out the usual penguin suit for a cooler blue two-piece.

Aziz Ansari wearing a blue dinner jacket

Who: Justin Hartley

Where: A Bad Mom’s Christmas Premiere, Los Angeles

For every bootcutted star of American soap operas (yes, they do exist), there’s a Justin Hartley. The former Passions actor turned out in something far more memorable than daytime TV in this merlot two-piece. Yes, on paper it sounds disastrous. In practice, however, a darker shade is all the more wearable when teamed with classic pieces.

Justin Hartley wearing a a burgundy suit

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