10 Of The Most Outrageous Hip Hop Fashion Moments

Anyone who has ever watched MTV Cribs will know that the world of hip hop has never been subtle. Beyond Ja-Rule’s floating cinema and Lil Romeo’s car collection (aged 12), the industry’s love of the extravagant has also resulted in some truly heinous get-ups. Just look at these 10 times the flow fell short when it came to style.

10. Flava Flav

Stealing your nan’s wall clock and expecting it to rival Slick Rick’s neck candy – pull the other one, Flav.

9. P Diddy

Despite a gleaming career, it’s clear that P Diddy suffered a mid-life (or rather, mid-century) crisis. Not only did he date a woman half his age and attempt some soul-crushing dance routines, Sean John thought it appropriate to dress as Marie Antoinette for Halloween.

8. Sisqo

No, not Missy Elliot at Christmas, but Sisqo’s ill-advised ice cold locks. Still gives barbers chills.

7. Will.i.am

The 2010 edition of the MTV VMAs was dominated by questionable wardrobe choices. Lady Gaga’s steak-and-kidney frock got the lion’s share of attention but Will.i.am was also forced to defend this all-black everything ensemble.

6. Common

Yes, that’s Common – a man who now regularly appears on our best dressed lists. However, back in 2000 the rapper squeezed himself into this crochet abomination in the music video for ‘Geto Heaven’. Ironic, given that it deserves to be six feet under. Is this what Hell looks like?

5. Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne’s style has always been a little left-field. But Weezy’s oversized yellow trapper hat really was the straw that broke the rapper’s back. Part-woodsman, part-candy raver, all idiot.

4. Soulja Boy

Soulja Boy was desperate to cement his 15-minutes of fame. Just a shame it had to be with ‘customised’ sunglasses (is that Tippex?), rip-off Louis Vuitton caps and plastic knuckledusters that wouldn’t bust a grape in a fruit fight.

3. Rick Ross

There’s a big space reserved on the therapist’s couch for a man who wears a Droste effect chain of himself wearing a chain of himself. Terrifyingly narcissistic and terribly tacky.

2. Kanye West

Kanye’s College Dropout era was a standout moment for the rapper, but it also spawned the world’s worst shades. Plastic blinds make for pretty useless sunglasses, and unfortunately clung to student unions nationwide like conjunctivitis.

1. MC Hammer

Yes they are iconic, but that’s only because they’re so ridiculous. MC Hammer’s billowing trousers are a stark reminder of everything bad about the 90s – unflattering clothes, flammable fabrics and, thanks to the 80s, very empty pockets.

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